"A very valuable tool"​

- Joe Iaccarino: HR Business Partner,


Prior to MyEms 

Can you describe the business culture and challenges that the managers, staff and business were experiencing?

Managers were reluctant to performance manage their staff and relied on HR for these processes.

From a HR perspective, where was the majority of HR time spent?

The majority of HR time was spent managing performance and relationship issues with staff.


What type of training did you engage in, and do you think the investment in the MyEms training was worthwhile?

Full day IDM training & Webinars. Training courses have been particularly valuable in educating line managers and giving them the confidence to performance manage their staff.


How has MyEms impacted/improved your managers your
manager's capabilities?

Managers are both more competent and confident in managing their staff.

Describe how the organisation's culture has changed since implementing MyEms?

Greater responsibility and accountability by line managers in dealing with performance and relationship issues. Has freed up HR staff to move from emergency responders to strategic business partners.

How does MyEms help your business achieve its goals?

We have used MyEms and its previous version for approximately 6 years and it has helped our business by enabling line managers to become more confident in managing their staff thereby freeing HR staff to focus on more strategic issues.

What's your advice to other organisations that may be considering MyEms?

"Great investment in the people management capability of line managers."

- Joe Iaccarino: HR Business Partner,
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