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Our cloud software and complimentary services enable leaders to engage with employees in a manner that builds trust and earns respect

Reporting across industries

Subscribers to TAL products have the ability to share anonymous data across their industry allowing them to measure their performance against other industry specific organisations, or those who are of similar size.

Training and support

TAL products are much more than just an online system. Each subscription is designed to support best practice outcomes and includes features such as training, help guides (tips), how to videos and an internal 'ask for help' button as part of each product subscription.

Customisation and control

TAL products allow organisations to customise the workflow, system information, user assistance tools, data captured, reporting modules and output documents to suit the individual organisations processes and systems.

Expert updates

The support and knowledge base that underpins all TAL product development, client advice and training is provided by experienced industry experts in the relevant field.

Build respect 
by managing performance and behaviour consistently
Build trust 
through real 
and actions
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Perfect the basics

We enable leaders to perfect the leadership basics through training, software, action and support: continuous improvement cycle.

Be accountable

We provide a real ability for leaders to be held accountable for their leadership through transparent and real-time data.

more questions?

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