MyConcern is designed for organisations to be able to provide easy access for relevant persons with
concerns, complaints and whistleblowing matters to a highly secure and confidential reporting system. 
MyConcern facilitates efficient and timely reporting of workplace related matters with anonymous
submission ability and the confidence of strict data management to authorised personnel only. An essential tool for confidentially managing internally and externally raised concerns with rigour.

MyConcern enables organisations to provide a trusted environment to raise concerns and access assistance.

Benefits for Executives
  • Transparency for an accountable culture

  • Confidence with Best Practice Risk Management Processes

  • Access to external industry experts

  • Assist compliance with WHS 'Due Diligence' obligations for Officers

  • Real-time visibility and reporting across organisation

Benefits for HR
  • Access external assistance and training

  • Provide confidential environment to raise concerns within organisation

  • Real-time insights & reporting

  • Timely interventions and access to contact officers

  • Dynamic real-time mentoring for mangers

Benefits for Managers
  • Empowerment and confidence with team relationships

  • Ensure all staff have access to contact officers and confidential reporting

  • Increased team morale and productivity

  • Retention of valuable staff

  • Respect and trust from team members

Benefits for Employees
  • Accountable culture

  • Increased team morale and productivity

  • Retention of valuable coworkers

  • Consistency & fairness

  • Confidential access to assistance


Perfect the leadership basics, and be accountable for them.


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