Relationships strengthen or decline one conversation at a time. MyConversations provides organisations with a systematic means to assist leaders both develop the skills and commit the necessary time towards engaging in meaningful conversations with their teams that build healthy and respectful workplace relationships.
MyConversations prompts the leader to meet regularly with all team members and in doing so provides the leader with a framework to engage in honest dialogue that drives individual and leader success.

MyConversations enables leaders to create effective workplace relationships and build trust through conversations.

Benefits for Executives
  • Transparency for an accountable culture

  • Access to external industry experts included in cost

  • Real-time visibility and reporting across organisation

Benefits for HR
  • Access external assistance and training

  • Full visibility of all performance and behaviour matters within organisation

  • Real-time insights & reporting of individual development needs and goals

  • Timely interventions

  • Dynamic real-time mentoring for mangers

Benefits for Managers
  • Empowerment and confidence

  • Easy access to internal and external assistance

  • Increased team morale and productivity

  • Retention of valuable staff

  • Respect from team members

Benefits for Employees
  • Accountable culture

  • Increased team morale and productivity

  • Retention of valuable coworkers

  • Consistency & fairness


Perfect the leadership basics, and be accountable for them.


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