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Build respect through consistent performance
& behaviour management. 

MyEms is designed to enable leaders, in conjunction with industry expert training, to consistently recognise and manage employee behaviour and performance. Providing leaders with the confidence and skills to consistently manage and drive performance and behaviour within their teams will enable them to build respect from team members, peers and superiors. MyEms content, processes and included training are maintained by industrial and employee relations experts to meet ever-changing workplace legislation and industry best practice.


for Executives

  • Transparency for an accountable culture

  • Confidence with Best Practice Risk Management Processes

  • Access to external industry experts included in cost

  • Assist compliance with WHS 'Due Diligence' obligations for Officers

  • Real-time visibility and reporting across organisation

for HR

  • Access external assistance and training

  • Full visibility of all performance and behaviour matters within organisation

  • Focus on strategic HR agenda

  • Real-time insights & reporting

  • Timely interventions

  • Dynamic real-time mentoring for mangers

for Managers

  • Empowerment and confidence with team relationships

  • Easy access to internal and external assistance

  • Increased team morale and productivity

  • Retention of valuable staff

  • Ability to improve trust levels with team members

for Employees

  • Accountable culture

  • Increased team morale and productivity

  • Retention of valuable coworkers

  • Stronger and more effective workplace relationships with leaders

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