MyTeamStarts, is designed to assist leaders consistently evaluate the right things whilst assessing new employees.  By assisting leaders to conduct consistent and simple assessments against what is important to the organisation, MyTeamStarts allows leaders to commence building the effective relationships early and communicate to new employees with consistent standards.

Start the relationship well, embed your values early.

Benefits for Executives
  • Transparency for an accountable culture

  • Real-time visibility and reporting across organisation

Benefits for HR
  • Access external assistance and training

  • Full visibility of leader commitment

  • Timely interventions

  • Dynamic real-time mentoring for managers

  • Identify performance and behaviour issues early in the employment relationship 

Benefits for Managers
  • Empowerment and confidence with team relationships

  • Increased team morale and productivity

  • Retention of valuable staff

  • Build and maintain respect levels with team members through consistency

Benefits for Employees
  • Accountable culture

  • Clarity of expectations 

  • Increased team morale and productivity

  • Stronger and more effective workplace relationships with leaders


MyTeamStarts enables leaders to consistently assess new employees against the things that really matter.


For more information on MyTeamStarts, 

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