MyBudget is an Australian company based in the financial services industry. The company focuses on providing budget management service to its clients. 

"Consistency, Accountability, Beneficial"​

- Kerry Dodson: Human Resources Manager,

Prior to MyEms 

Can you describe the business culture and challenges that the managers, staff and business were experiencing?

Prior to [MyEms] the business had a culture of leaving people management issues with HR. [MyEms] has put that accountability back onto the leaders and has provided opportunities for them to develop their skills and knowledge in performance/behavioural management issues.

From a HR perspective, where was the majority of HR time spent?

[MyEms] has freed up resources and our aim is to be more proactive and spend more time on training/ development/strategy.


What type of training did you engage in, and do you think the investment in the MyEms training was worthwhile?

Full day IDM training and Webinars. We have had 2 full day IDM training sessions and that has been really beneficial for the company. Having the majority of leaders offsite and focussing on people issues/legislation/[MyEms] provides an opportunity to enhance the consistent approach that we are trying to achieve.

Impact / Change 

How has MyEms impacted/improved your managers your manager's capabilities?

Increased skills in managing issues across the mangement team and increased confidence when conducting employee response meetings.

Describe how the organisation's culture has changed since implementing MyEms?

Our leaders are now accountable.

How does MyEms help your business achieve its goals?

Just over 12 months. It has helped achieve some business goals - up-skilling leaders.

What's your advice to other organisations that may be considering MyEms?

"Worth the investment"​

- Kerry Dodson: Human Resources Manager,