Leadership Impact Survey 2021

What data will be collected?

Other than registration information ( Registration Data), no Personal Identifiable Information, or information identifying an employee or organisation will be able to be submitted within the survey process. There is no ability for any respondents to provide free text responses. All responses are collected via a radio button selection from the below options to determine the strength of agreement or disagreement to a statement ( Respondent Data). - Strongly Agree - Agree - Unsure - Disagree - Strongly Disagree

How will Respondent Data be used?

Respondent Data will only be used by The Accountable Leader to assist support and develop:

  • The Leadership Impact Report - Organisational Specific Report provided to each participating organisation*
  • The Accountable Leader Leadership Impact Insights
  • The Accountable Leader training, support and applications

How will Registration Data be used?

Registration Data will only be used by The Accountable Leader. Such use will only be to communicate with the relevant person within the participating organisation, and to segregate and compile data for industry and headcount segregation.

Will organisations be able to identify another organisation's data?

No. The data provided to organisations in the The Leadership Impact Report - Organisational Specific Report will break down answer specific data for your recipient organisation (and it's respective departments if applicable), however Other Organisation's Data will be aggregated within the respective Industry Data, Employer Size Data and All Participant's Data.

What is the Leadership Impact Survey?

The intention of the Leadership Impact Survey is to capture responses from as many employees within each participating organisation as possible in relation to: their leaders' ability and commitment to managing performance and behaviour consistently and effectively; their immediate leaders' ability and commitment to build effective workplace relationships; and the impact of the above on the responding employees engagement and performance in their role.

Participation in this survey is available to all organisations in all industries at no cost. 

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